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    Incorporated in 2013. Our mission is to create a quality driven food supply that focuses on making shopping local as convenient as possible by increasing the collaboration between small businesses across Canada on our nationwide same-day order fulfillment network.

    We pride ourselves on creating opportunity for local entrepreneurs. We want to see a marketplace where platform users are treated with equity. The model enables local residents to provide a service to their local area. We think this is the way business and communities can best operate. Further, we like to see revenue stay within the local area in which it is generated.

    Our Team
    Our Team is powered by the Earthrise Creative Labs team. Each and every one of our dedicated employees represents the spirit of our company: enthusiastic, committed, driven, and acutely aware of how limitless's potential is to grow.

    Interested in joining our team? Email us today at

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    Our beautiful headquarters is located in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our building was erected in 1904. We plan to occupy it for many years to come. All of's design, development, and support escalation tasks Canada-wide are handled at our headquarters.

    How to get information or support? Call our corporate headquarters today at (877) 550-1668 or email us at We strive to provide our customers and vendors with top notch support to make their experience wonderful.